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Next SABSA Meeting Tuesday 7th December 6:30pm

At HUB39 (formerly Catapult Finance Office) 39 Charles Street, Norwood (upstairs).

After the meeting we’ll head to the Alma Hotel, 66 Magill Road, Norwood. Please RSVP so we can let the hotel know how many to expect for dinner.

All Welcome! This is the best place to start if you are interested in scoring baseball!

CABS Review 2020-21 !

Read CABS Coordinator Emeritus Connie Stoyakovich’s final Year in Review 2020-21 document.

SABSA Scores 6 Out of 6 !

SABSA President Michael Phillips reports that for the first time, all 6 BSA Division 1 games were scored live on Saturday 20th November. Well done to all who assisted.

If you have GameChanger skills and would like to contribute to South Australian baseball, please contact SABSA here.

Significant Changes to BSA Local Rules & Playing Conditions

All scorers need to be aware of the recent changes to the BSA Local Rules and Playing Conditions. There is a Summary of Changes under the ‘Resources/Forms’ menu above . As well, there are links to extracts for the Age Matrix, Pitch Count Rules and Pitching Rules.

The entire Local Rules & Playing Conditions document with changes highlighted in yellow is available on the BSA website here:  BSA Local Rules & Playing Conditions or if not accessible, on the SABSA website here: BSA Local Rules & Playing Conditions .

Download the updated SABSA Pitch Count Sheet.

How to Access BSA 2021-22 Online Games through GameChanger

If you do not have GameChanger follow the link below to get it. Enter your email address and create a password. This is FREE!

Access GameChanger

If you have GameChanger follow the link below to log in. Select the game you want to view, Click on the “STATS” tab the click the “FOLLOW TEAM” button. You will now be able to view “STATS”, “PLAYS” and “RECAP”. You will need to “FOLLOW” every team to see “STATS” for every game.

Access BSA Div 1 Games

BSA Men & Women’s Div 1 and Super League Games Online

Look for the links to the those games under the Stats & Live Games menu item above.

New CABS Level 4 for SA – Michael Phillips

Congratulations to SABSA President Michael Phillips on achieving Council of Australian Baseball Scorers (CABS) Level 4 National Accreditation – the highest level awarded by CABS.

Level 4 is accredited nationally by the CABS and recognises scorers aspiring to the highest level of national responsibilities including appointments to CABS, Scoring Coordinator of national and international tournaments and facilitation of all other levels of instruction.

Michael is now one of only three Level 4 SABSA Scorers along with Lorraine Dunn and Steve Eads.

Scoring Clinics To be Held

CABS Nationally Accredited scorers from various South Australian clubs will soon be offering training for scorers. Venues will include Golden Grove Central Districts, Goodwood and Woodville Baseball Clubs. Training will also be available via Zoom. Training will be tailored for all levels from novice to CABS Level 2 aspirants.

Submit Expression of Interest for Scoring Clinic here.


• Each Club shall supply one scorer for each match in which any team competes.
• Failure to provide a scorer may incur a fine if reported to Baseball SA.
• Be subject to appropriate qualification as the League may from time to time prescribe upon the recommendation of the South Australian Baseball Scorers Association. (Currently this is set at CABS Level 2 for Division 1 games.)

Also, if you are a GameChanger enthusiast, please ensure that you undertake training so that you can score games properly according to the Official Rules of Baseball.

CABS offers two Accreditation Levels for GameChanger:

LEVEL GCR (GameChanger Recorder)
Demonstrate ability to input a game employing the GameChanger app.
At this level, you input the game as scored by the Official Accredited Scorer.

LEVEL GCS (GameChanger Scorer)
• Level 1 accreditation
• Competency in GameChanger

Contact SABSA here for more information or to express your interest in attending.


Super League Baseball Adelaide is back for its fourth year, bringing fast paced, high energy baseball to West Beach this summer from the Northern Marlins, Western Rays and Southern Seahawks.

The nine week, plus Grand Final, competition is set to commence on 6th October and will finish on December 22, 2021.

Wednesday nights at West Beach are set to be action packed with games starting at 7:15pm weekly.

Follow the scoring action on GameChanger with SABSA.

Scoring Issues

37. How would you score the following play?

A runner on 2nd base and the batter hits line drive which bounds off of the umpire (behind the pitcher) into centre field who recovers the ball and throws to 2nd to stop the batter at first. Runner from second came home. The umpire allowed the run to score on the play.

Well, we recorded the hit as a single with the runner from second running two bases to score.

However ….. Under MLB Official Rules (2021):

The Ball is dead when:

Rule 5.06(c)(6)  A fair ball touches a runner or an umpire on fair territory before it touches an infielder including the pitcher, or touches an umpire before it has passed an infielder other than the pitcher; runners advance, if forced.

Remember, it is the scorers’ responsibility to record the game accurately. It is not up to the scorers to call the umpire’s attention to dead ball rule. But we did note the game time and situation when the play occurred in case there was a protest. Fortunately, the run made no difference to the outcome of the game.

36. Is the runner always safe (protected) if touched by a batted ball while in contact with a base? Answer before reading further!

If the base runner is touched by a batted fair ball, the runner is out for interference, irrespective of contact with the base. However, if a portion of the runner’s body that is in foul territory is touched by a ball in foul territory, it is simply a foul ball. There is one exception: In the case of an infield fly, the runner is not out if touched by the ball while in contact with a base. Rule 5.06(c)(6) Rule 5.09(b)(7) Definitions (infield fly)

35. ABL Calls Off 2021-22 Season

It’s a tough day as the ABL has announced its decided to abandon the 2021-22 season and focus on 2022-23 due to the ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Full details here!

34. Game Changer has difficulty scoring some plays.

For example, with bases loaded there is a pitching change. Next batter reaches 1st base on a FC5, all base runners advance and runner on third is safe at home WT5.

Sorry, can’t score that. GC will not allow you to bring the runner from third home on the error. You have to score the batter reaching 1st on WT5. Earned runs for the two pitchers are calculated correctly and the error is assigned to third base, but the play description of course will be wrong.

The Automated Scorebook we used previously could score the play correctly and have an accurate play by play description.

Got any other example? Or workarounds?

33. AGM Revision Quiz for 2021 – go on, try it!

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