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Local Playing Rules and Conditions concerning policing Pitch Counts was updated 04/02/2020: – 4.14.8   The umpire has the authority to police the pitching rule, scorers must not intervene.
Local Playing Rules and Conditions 4.14.3 … a balk pitch of any type in Senior and Women’s grades, whether it is delivered to the plate or not, shall not be recorded in the number of pitches.
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Wednesday October 14th 7:00pm

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Follow BSA Super League 2020 Here

BSA Super League commences September 23. The link to the games can be found under the ‘Stats’ menu.

Full Super League Schedule here.

ABL New-Look Structure for 20/21 SEASON

The Adelaide Giants will join an ‘International Conference’ primarily based in New Zealand for the 2020-21 season.

Read the full ABL announcement here.

SABSA Prepares for Season 2020-21

President Michael Phillips is currently updating SABSA netbooks in order to undertake live scoring for the upcoming Division 1 BSA season.

Be sure to check here and on our FB Page to see what games will be scored live each week. All games will be entered on line as soon as practicable so that stats are updated regularly. Season stats may not be available until the season is well underway as those stats will not be reliable until there are a few games entered.

As you follow the games, I draw your attention to our well established ‘Stats Discrepancy Procedure” should you have a query or concern about the published statistics.

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SABSA Scoring Clinics Underway!

On behalf of SABSA, six experienced and nationally accredited scorers have offered 32 places in various Baseball Scoring Clinics. The first of these clinics will commence on Monday 24th August. Several clinics will use the online platform Zoom for the first time.

There may be opportunities for more scoring clinics later in the season, so keep in touch if you wish to advance your baseball scoring skill.

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ABL Schedule Delayed

The Australian Baseball League’s 2020/21 schedule release has been delayed but Baseball Australia chief executive Cam Vale says it is not far away from being locked in.

ABL News 14 Aug 2020
‘The Rundown’ (Subscribe Here)

Winter Baseball – Training Opportunity

Winter Ball is a relaxed, friendly competition and provides a good opportunity to investigate scoring.
Come and sit with an accredited scorer for an informal session during a live game!

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SABSA President Report AGM 2020

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Scoring Issues

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27. Level 1 Scoring Clinic Questions

  • What is a DH? The DH is a Designated Hitter who bats for the Pitcher. See Offical Rules 5.11. A DH is not allowed in BSA Junior grades.
  • What is the difference between the Home and Plate Umpires? The ‘Home’ Umpire and the (Home) “Plate” Umpire are different terms for the same person.
  • Our scripted game uses the term “miss hit’ which was fielded by the pitcher. What is a ‘miss hit? How is it scored? The term ‘miss hit’ is used to distinguish a poorly hit ball from an intentional bunt. It is scored the same as a well hit ball. It is the scorer’s judgment call whether the batted ball was intentionally bunted or just a ‘miss hit.” Bunted balls are important to note in many statistics and playing provisions.

26. 3-2-8 Double Play ???

Check out this amazing play from the MLB Cardinals. Thanks to Connie Stoyakovich, CABS Coordinator for sending it to us.

Click here to watch rare 3-2-8 Douple Play

25. Batting Out of Order – BOO
How the umpire decides on appeal …

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24. Scoring Quizzes

23. CoronaVirus COVID19

Latest Info from Australian Department of Health

22. Scorers NOT responsible for policing the pitch count! Baseball SA Local Playing Rules and Conditions – updated 04/02/2020 2:00PM – 4.14.8   The umpire has the authority to police the pitching rule, scorers must not intervene. Our reponsibility is to keep an accurate pitch count and report it to officials when requested. (Although, this could be interpreted as only Umpires determine balls/strikes – no matter how tempting it may be for scorers to ‘intervene.”)

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