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SABSA Completes Div 1 Online Games 2019/03/05

One day after the Division 1 Minor Round finishes, SABSA scorers have entered all games online for your perusal! A great effort by Michael Phillips and the IT Scorers from SABSA!

New CABS Level 3 Scorers for SABSA 2019/02/17

Three SABSA members have recently achieved CABS Level 3 Scorer national accreditation. Pass on your congratulations when you next see Kylie McBain, Laura Mosel and Karryn Przibilla. Also, well done to Michael Phillips and those who assisted them in the Level 3 Clinics.

Level 3 Nominations for Womens Championships

If you are an eligible accredited scorer and wish to nominate for the National Womens and Youth Womens Championships to be held in Narrabundah, ACT from 14-21 April, 2019, contact Brett Robson Head of Technical Officials by February 15.

New CABS Co-ordinator 2019/01/24

CABS would like to announce and welcome Connie Stoyakovich, who has been chosen as our new Coordinator. Connie comes to us with many years of experience scoring Nationally and Internationally, including as the head scorer and statistician for the Australian Academy Program (MLBAAP) from 2007 to 2014. Connie also held a position of Assistant to the CABS Coordinator for a few years, working with the inaugural coordinator, Paula Kenning.

We would like to thank Lorraine Dunn for all the hard work she has done as Coordinator. Lorraine leaves us with a 13 years service contribution as a Tech Comm and Coordinator. (from CABS Website)

New CABS Technical Commissioner 2019/01/24

On completion of Steve Eads’ time as a Technical Commissioner, Jeanette Irwin has accepted her nomination to fill that role, effective immediately.

Thanks so much to Steve for his many years of hard work and innovations and thank you to Jeanette on accepting the appointment.
(from CABS Website)

ORSR 2019 Funding 2019/01

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing is running funding information sessions across South Australia throughout 2019. Those interested in applying for fundingwelcome to attend the information sessions. Info Here.

Lorraine Dunn 2019/01

Lorraine Dunn recently announced her retirement from her volunteer role as national Co-ordinator for the Council of Australian Baseball Scorers (CABS). It is timely to recognise her service to the baseball community.

Lorraine previously served as one of the three CABS Technical Commissioners and worked tirelessly to support the CABS aim of cultivating and advancing Australian baseball scoring. She was recognised with Life Membership for her service.

Lorraine has officiated at ABL and Claxton Shield games, National Youth Championships as Tournament Scoring Co-coordinator and scored in countless local and state baseball games. In 2011 Baseball Australia (BA) recognised Lorraine’s contribution over 40 years to Australian baseball when she was named BA Official of the Year at the Diamond Awards Ceremony in Queensland.

Along with husband Danny, Lorraine has been actively involved in the Goodwood Baseball Club and in 2009 was also awarded life membership. Son Matt is a 600+ games Division 1 veteran and their grandchildren now actively participate in the club baseball program.

Lorraine is well known to all Baseball South Australia (BSA) clubs through her previous role as the S.A. Baseball League Operations Co-coordinator. Lorraine served as front of house for the BSA and among other critical tasks managed the arduous responsibility involved in season fixturing for all grades. Lorraine was an early supporter, advocate and facilitator in implementing electronic scoring and statistics compilation for South Australia.

SABSA members know Lorraine as a stalwart champion for due recognition of the important role scorers provide as officials of our beloved game. In serving SABSA in virtually every capacity, Lorraine has assisted many scorers to flourish and become more proficient at what we do. Again, SABSA recognised her service with Life Membership.

We all appreciate Lorraine’s hard work over many years.  We are grateful to her for sharing her experience and providing us with assistance and guidance. We continue to value her support and friendship and wish her and her family the very best.

Brut “Little Leaguer of the Week” 2018/12

Brut is aiming to give back to the community and have a positive effect on grassroots baseball. As a result, they have designed a LL of the Week competition that is running EVERY week until 1st March 2019. ALL Youth players are encouraged to enter (or be nominated by someone) to show how they demonstrate the Little League motto of Courage, Character and Loyalty. Enter the necessary details and upload a photo/video onto the website Brut Little-League, as well as advising who their favourite ABL Team is. Each week, the winning Little Leaguer will be promoted throughout the BA website and socials and they will win $500 for their nominated LL Club!

“Ordinary Effort” Podcast 2018/12

MLB and Queensland scorer Connie Stoyakovich has highly recommended “Ordinary Effort Podcast” produced by two scorers in the USA: Dennis Hetrick (MLB Scorer for Baltimore Orioles & Washington Nationals) and Jason Lee (Minor League Scorer for Frederick Keys & Bowie Baysox). It is available on  as well as on a number of other podcast platforms. Check it out and let us know what you think.

CABS TTT Workshop 2018/07

The Council of Australian Baseball Scorers (CABS) held its first “Train the Trainer Workshop” in several years at SportsSA West Beach from 27-29 July 2018. The workshop provided STSO’s (State and Territory Scoring Organisations) with an opportunity to improve their training services for local scorers. Sessions and discussion included a consistent national approach to rules interpretation, scoring practice, training materials development and future directions for CABS.
Please contact your local State and Territiry Scoring Organisation (STSO) for more information

Stats Archives 2018/07

With a little prompting from Glenn Lodge, I have been trying to resurrect some older stats archives. You will notice that earlier BSA (then known as the SABL) archives are in various formats. With changing venues and the amalgamation of SABL and the Bite organization some records were lost. If you have any material that may be of interest to others please click here to contact SABSA.

SABSA AGM – Success! 2018/06

The SABSA AGM was held on Wednesday 13th June 2018 at Catapult Wealth Offices. Our thanks to Tony Catt BSA Affiliations Director for making the venue available!

The following officers were elected:

President:                     Michael Phillips
Vice President:            Cathy Hill
Secretary:                     Enza Henty
Treasurer:                    Carol Burns
CABS Coordinator:   Cathy Hill

Following the meeting a compulsory Level 3 scoring revision session brought up some lively discussion and almost frantic Official Rules searching regarding RBI’s and SAC Fly on MFF3 and W/L/S pitchers – riveting stuff!

2018 Jr League Championship Pirates & Waves 2018

The Adelaide Pirates took 5th place honours with a convincing 13-0 win over the Southern Mariners from Victoria in their final game of the Australian Junior League Championship (27 May – 1 June) .

The Adelaide Waves lost to Brisbane Metro in their final game when Brisbane scored 1 run in the bottom of the 7th to break the 9-9 tie. Both games were played on Diamond 1 at Adelaide Shores Baseball Complex.

16 state teams competed for the right to represent the Australia Region at the 2018 Junior League World Series
Read More which takes place in Taylor, Michigan from August 12-19. Two NSW teams,  reigning Australian JL Champions Hills and  Macarthur were Grand Final opponents with Hills defeating  Macarthur 13-3.

Thanks to SABSA members Karryn Przbilla who scored for the Pirates and Penny Smith and Natalie Weber who scored for the Wave. Steve Eads served as Tournament Scoring Coordinator, Carol Burns and Laura Mosell scored for Canberra and Michael Phillips also helped out.

Full details here


1. Want to know more about scoring?   Experienced scorers at most clubs run oreintation clinics to get you started. Contact you local club secretary or  SABSA for more information.


2. RBI or SF ?     Should you score a SAC Fly or RBI on MFF3 if runner comes home after the foul is dropped?

SAC Fly – possibly – 9.08(d)(2)If the runner could have come home had the foul fly had been caught – scorer’s judgement call.

RBI – Yes – Rule 9.04(a)(1)(Assuming less than 2 outs, of course)


3. Scoring Symbols: Remember to add the batter number to both WP and PB‘s.For example, if there is a WP on Batter 7, score any advancing runner(s) as:  WP7This assists with the correct interpretation of game play when compiling stats.


4. No steal on safe hit:     If a runner advances on a batters safe hit, even though the runner may have talen off for the next base on the pitch, credit the runner’s advance to the batter. It is not a steal.

You should only credit a Steal if you would have scored a Caught Stealing had the runner been put out.


5. W/L Pitcher after tied game:     I got caught out in an old Level 3 question regarding W/L pitchers.

Both starting pitchers were relieved in the 6th innings with the scored tied. The 1st relief for the Visitors was replaced in the 9th innings after two outs.

I cleverly noticed that the game was tied after 5 innings – so of course, W/L calculation starts from scratch again.

The visitors went up two runs in the top of the 6th and maintained their lead to win the game.

So who was the winning pitcher?

First clue – the winning pitcher should come from the winning side! (The Visitors in this scenario.)
Yep, the starting pitcher for the Visitors was the winning pitcher. He was still the pitcher of record when his team took the lead in the top of the 6th.

So remember not to discount the starting pitcher just because the scores become tied.

BTW – who was the losing pitcher?


6. Single of Double: We all know that the batter gets credit for the home run if the winning run is scored on that hit.

But would you score a single or double base hit when the runner from second scores the winning run moments before the batter runner reaches second base on a safe hit to the outfield? (Check out Rule 9.06(f) Comment)


7. Code of Conduct:     As Officials of the game, scorers should act appropriately. We could generally base our behaviour on that of the Umpires. Hence, present ourselves professionally (even as amateurs!) with the prime objective to record the game accurately.

There should be no barracking, drinking of alcohol, smoking or any actions that would bring detriment to our position.

Click Here to see The Code of Conduct.

Here’s a question:
How should our behaviour as Officals of the game be monitored?


8. Who Changed the Stats: After the recent School Sports Australia U17 Baseball Championships held in Adelaide, SABSA had an enquiry regarding the discrepancy between stats displayed during the tournament and those after the tournament.

During the tournament SABSA compile the ‘conference’ stats on currently available games. After the tournament, when all games are available, we refer to Rule 9.22 which establishes ‘Minimum Standards For Individual Championships.” We opt to use the minimums required for ‘national association’ players instead of the more restrictive Major League player minimums.

For championship batting stats, the batter must have at least 2.7 times the number of scheduled games in Plate Appearances and for pitching champion, 80% of the number of scheduled games innings pitched. As there were 8 scheduled games for each team, batters had to have (2.7 X 8 rounded to) 21 Plate Appearances and pitchers must have pitched for (80% X 8) rounded to 6 innings pitched.

Of course, we still list all ‘other’ individuals as well so that everyone can see their stats, but those achieving the required minimums are listed first. That is why it may appear that a pitcher far down the list appears to have a lower ERA than the first pitcher listed – note the innings pitched. Likewise for batters who may appear to have a higher Batting Average, add the At Bats plus BB, HPB and Sacrifices to see if they reached the minimum Plate Appearances.

And thanks for noticing and enquiring Joe!


9. Runner Interference Query?  Hi, had an incident a few games back, runner was at 2nd, batter popped up, shortstop went to catch, runner was in the way and the umpire called interference on runner, (that made the 3rd out) how does the batter get marked in the book? Safe hit to first? Muffed fly 6? Fielders choice?
Thank you

J – good question! Sounds like a Level 3 exam scenario.

The number of outs and whether the interference is judged intentional or not is critical in determining who is called out.

In the situation you described, but with less than two outs, both runner and batter may be called out. However, Rule 7.08 (b) Penalty “With 2 out, the umpire shall declare the batter out.”

Rule 10.09 (c)(7) “When the batter-runner is called out because of interference by a preceding runner … the official scorer shall credit the put-out to the first-base fielder.”

So, batter out INT3 – first base gets automatic credit for the out..


10. Why is my LOB stat different?

Have you ever noticed that Australian baseball scorers record LOB’s differently to the MLB? This came to my notice whenever we try to reconcile Official Scorebook stats with either TASBS in our Division 1 games or the ABL computer program when scoring the Bite.

The official BA stats program, the Automated Scorebook (TASBS) as well as the MLB online program the ABL and Bite employ, displays LOB differently to that in our official BA scorebook.
SABSA assigns an LOB to the runner if the runner is left on base at the completion of the half innings. The other programs display how many runner(s) the final batter left “stranded” on base.
For example, with runners at first and second base, the batter hits a pop fly for the third out in the half innings. The scorebook will show an LOB for each of the runners left on first and second base. The online stats programs will record two LOBs for the batter.
So our individual LOB stats will vary, but the team total should be consistent.


11. So Who is on first?

This might help you out….
(Abbot and Costello had it all sorted out.)


12. Pitch Count Balks/IBB?

Under 2019 BSA “Local Playing Rules”, Balks are treated differently than under The Official Rules of Baseball (ORB). In the ORB a balk only counts as a pitch if the pitch crosses the plate. Section 4.14.3 of 2019 BSA “Local Playing Rules” states: “A balk pitch delivered to the plate whether it is hit safely or not shall be considered to be valid for the purpose of recording the number of pitches in Junior grades, however a balk pitch of any type in Senior and Women’s grades, whether it is delivered to the plate or not, shall not be recorded in the number of pitches. An intentional walk [IBB], where pitches are not thrown, will not count towards a pitcher’s pitch count in Junior, Women’s or Senior grades.


13. Should scorers be responsible for Pitch Count Limit warnings?

Severe penalties are in force for breaches of Pitch Count Limits. Under Section 4.14 of the 2019 BSA “Local Playing Rules”

breaching pitch count rules will result in a forfeit being recorded against the offending team, this includes Minor Rounds and finals games, Seniors and Women’s 9-0, Don Rice and all Junior grades, 7-0. The offending pitcher will be ejected immediately from the game. The Manager/Head Coach will be ejected immediately from the game and receive an automatic one game suspension. The offending team will forfeit four (4) Prescribed Player Points for the next game. For second and further offences, the Manager/Head Coach will be reported to the Baseball SA Tribunal and additional penalties will be applied.

Currently, scorers are not permitted to inform the Umpire of pitch counts for Senior divisions. However, SABSA is canvassing the proposal that, due to Occupational, Health and Safety guidelines, under which the pitch count limits were imposed for senior divisions, scorers should be obligated to inform Umpire/Manager/Pitcher of impending Pitch Count Limit. What do you think?

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