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Super League on 44

Notice the coverage for the Super League?

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Crows – Bite — and BSA?

Any thoughts on the Crows purchase of the Bite? Ramifications for Baseball South Australia? Anyone fron the Magpies feeling a little apprehensive?

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Who Changed the Stats!

After the recent School Sports Australia U17 Baseball Championships held in Adelaide, SABSA had an enquiry regarding the discrepancy between stats displayed during the tournament and those after the tournament.   During the tournament SABSA compile the ‘conference’ stats on currently available games. After the tournament, when all games are available, we refer to Rule 9.22 which establishes ‘Minimum Standards Read More

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Scoring Query – Runner Interference

Hi, had an incident a few games back, runner was at 2nd, batter popped up, shortstop went to catch, runner was in the way and the umpire called interference on runner, (that made the 3rd out) how does the batter get marked in the book? Safe hit to first? Muffed fly 6? Fielders choice? Thank you, J

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Code of Conduct?

All members of SABSA and CABS are bound by a Code of Conduct. (Available here) As Officials of the game, scorers should act appropriately. We could generally base our behaviour on that of the Umpires. Hence, present ourselves professionally (even as amateurs!) with the prime objective to record the game accurately and to know more Click Here. There should be Read More

LOB – a CABS issue?

Have you ever noticed that Australian baseball scorers record LOB’s differently to the MLB? This came to my notice whenever we try to reconcile Official Scorebook stats with either TASBS in our Division 1 games or the ABL computer program when scoring the Bite. The official BA stats program, the Automated Scorebook (TASBS) as well as the MLB online program Read More

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Want to run a website?

SABSA is looking for an energetic person to maintain their new website. Some (or a whole lot of!) IT knowledge and experience would be useful — so would an interest in scoring baseball!

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Website Suggestions

OK. It’s all new and I’m learning. But I would appreciate any feedback. Just remember the Scorers Code of Conduct and be nice! The WebMaster

Who’s on First?

This might help you out…. (Abbot and Costello sort it out.)