Fielding Positions

Fielding Positions:
Are identified by numbers not by name and certainly not by uniform number.
The diagram demonstrates the fielding positions and their relevant numbers.
These numbers must be learnt and must come automatically to you when scoring.

Fielding Positions
(It may help to think of the Short Stop (6) who plays between second (4) and third (5) base,
as an outfielder who has moved closer to the infield.)

Occasionally, confusion may occur when a player makes an out in another player's position,
Be sure the out is credited to the correct player and not the position.
For example, the centre fielder (number 8) may run quckly to the left field area and catch a fly ball.
The out is credited to 8, not to 7 (left fielder)

Likewise, the coach may say he is moving 7 to 9 and 9 to 7.
This doe not mean to swap the numbers on the diagram!
This means the right and left fielders are swapping field positions and you will need to change their position number in the scorebook. (Don't worry about that now - we'll deal with that later!)

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