Scoring Query – Runner Interference

Hi, had an incident a few games back, runner was at 2nd, batter popped up, shortstop went to catch, runner was in the way and the umpire called interference on runner, (that made the 3rd out) how does the batter get marked in the book? Safe hit to first? Muffed fly 6? Fielders choice?
Thank you, J

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  • J – good question! Sounds like a Level 3 exam scenario.
    The number of outs and whether the interference is judged intentional or not is critical in determining who is called out.
    In the situation you described, but with less than two outs, both runner and batter may be called out.
    Rule 7.08 (b) Penalty 1
    “With 2 out, the umpire shall declare the batter out.”
    Rule 10.09 (c)(7)
    “When the batter-runner is called out because of interference by a preceding runner … the official scorer shall credit the put-out to the first-base fielder.”
    So, batter out INT3 – first base gets automatic credit for the out.

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