Who Changed the Stats!

After the recent School Sports Australia U17 Baseball Championships held in Adelaide, SABSA had an enquiry regarding the discrepancy between stats displayed during the tournament and those after the tournament.


During the tournament SABSA compile the ‘conference’ stats on currently available games. After the tournament, when all games are available, we refer to Rule 9.22 which establishes ‘Minimum Standards For Individual Championships.” We opt to use the minimums required for ‘national association’ players instead of the more restrictive Major League player minimums.


For championship batting stats, the batter must have at least 2.7 times the number of scheduled games in Plate Appearances and for pitching champion, 80% of the number of scheduled games innings pitched. As there were 8 scheduled games for each team, batters had to have (2.7 X 8 rounded to) 21 Plate Appearances and pitchers must have pitched for (80% X 8) rounded to 6 innings pitched.


Of course, we still list all ‘other’ individuals as well so that everyone can see their stats, but those achieving the required minimums are listed first. That is why it may appear that a pitcher far down the list appears to have a lower ERA than the first pitcher listed – note the innings pitched. Likewise for batters who may appear to have a higher Batting Average, add the At Bats plus BB, HPB and Sacrifices to see if they reached the minimum Plate Appearances.


And thanks for noticing and enquiring Joe!